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Empowering Financial Inclusion with SwipeLoan

KGIL Group's fintech subsidiary, KGIL Fintech Solutions Pvt Ltd (SwipeLoan), is revolutionizing the way individuals access financial services. By leveraging cutting-edge digital technology, SwipeLoan makes credit more accessible, affordable, and transparent, empowering individuals across India to achieve their financial aspirations.

SwipeLoan focuses on providing innovative consumer lending solutions that cater to the diverse financial needs of individuals. Our digital platform simplifies the lending process, offering quick and convenient access to loans, and promoting financial inclusion for underserved communities.

Our Services

Quick Approval: Fast and hassle-free loan approval process, ensuring funds are available when needed. Flexible Repayment: Tailored repayment plans that suit individual financial situations. Competitive Interest Rates: Attractive interest rates designed to make borrowing more affordable.

Personal Loans
Instant Loans
Flexi Personal Loan

Our Impact

Through SwipeLoan, KGIL Group is:

  • Enhancing Financial Access: Making financial services accessible to a wider population, especially those underserved by traditional banking systems.
  • Empowering Individuals: Providing the financial support needed for personal, educational, and business growth.
  • Driving Economic Growth: Facilitating the flow of capital to individuals and small businesses, thereby contributing to broader economic development.

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